Will GIFs Be A Game Changer For Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)?


Quite a few Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) users are tweeting that they have seen a GIF button on the social networks mobile apps. Several tweets related to the feature also have GIFs. Phil Pearlman, a Twitter user, furnished a screenshot of the button from the app’s Android version. The GIF feature is in the “compose tweet” screen located between the poll and camera icons.

The fresh feature is similar to Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)’s GIF button. It organizes the graphic pictures into mood based categories and also lets users choose trending GIFs. This is somewhat like other organizations such as Facebook and Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) have done with their proprietary messaging apps – associating with third-parties such as Giphy And Tumblr to integrate GIF catalogs’.

As per Pearlman, the GIF button instantly vanished after he took a screenshot of it. Other users have also spoken of its temporary nature. The users who have reportedly uploaded GIFs from the app do not have common features. Hence, this might be a test feature and not something exclusive which has been offered to few random folk.

Permitting more GIFs on Twitter could be an alternate method to ramp up the platform with additional content and provide fresh branding opportunities for the organization having sponsored GIFs.

With Twitter mum on the matter, it can only be speculated if the feature will become permanent. As Twitter’s rival already offer this feature and GIFs are pretty popular chances are high for this feature to be introduced to all Twitter users. Twitter often runs these kinds of trials. Since folk who have seen the GIF button are positive regarding it, then it is quite likely to be accepted and offered to the social networks’ wider user base.

The development comes shortly after it was disclosed that Twitter has monetized emojis on its site with reports that the company is quoting around a million dollars for a particular custom icon. Right now GIF might just offer some fun and illustrate tweets. However, there may be monetary value to them in the near future.

GIFs offered by Twitter may be a game changer for the social platform that has lagged behind its rivals in terms of popularity and revenue.