Why Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) Should Become An Open Platform Again?


Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) has been dubbed the pulse of the Internet. It has become a fundamental feature of the Internet itself. Through it, one can discover what’s happening in the world. It’s hard to imagine life without it. Twitter is now operated by a public company that has hidden most of its aspects from the public.

The logic has been to make the experience simple as well as make the platform friendlier to the new users. The effort has not worked with user growth stalling. Currently, Twitter is considering significant measures to improve growth such as increasing the service of 140 character limit considerably.

Data is Twitter’s most lucrative asset. As a venture, it’s wasting time, money and energy in trying to compete with Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) as a social advertising platform. Twitter should put efforts to become a data-rich company that can give governments, businesses, and organizations of varying sizes, the information that can make them better informed about their existing customers, potential customers, and markets.

Different mobile and desktop apps would strengthen Twitter and promote useful fresh features. This would not be the way Twitter currently forces features. There would be innovations coming back such as uber-useful clients and popular new features such as pull-to-refresh, which became a standard in iOS as well as Twitter apps.

Companies are data mining the public Twitter feeds to find customer demand and forecast sales. Governments and media organizations also follow the practice for achieving different goals.

It’s time to return Twitter to its old self. Twitter the company still has the freedom to place it back on to its natural course. This could be done by making Twitter’s framework open source and collaborating with Internet standards organizations to convert it into a universal protocol. Certainly, this would have to be implemented in stages and there would be several challenges as well as considerable infrastructure costs to take care of.

If Twitter is converted into an open platform as well as an internet standard, the organization would have to compete with peers leveraging the data in intelligent ways and crafting great tools. However, all of that would indicate a healthy ecosystem and powered by customer behavior and interests that aren’t occurring at Twitter currently. Twitter needs to become the internet standard for short-size, real-time messaging.