Why Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Has Never Ventured Into TV Manufacturing?


Rumors about a TV set made Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) have been flying around for a long time, but they have never really become reality.

There have been numerous theories why the tech company shied away from the prospect of having a TV set with its logo. One reason that makes a lot of sense is that Steve Jobs realized that the company could not come up with a unique way of watching TV that is different from what was currently in the market from other manufacturers. Instead, Apple shifted its focus towards a set-top box as an alternative that would leverage the software aspects of Apple.

Apple TV is probably another reason Apple fans should not expect a television set made by the firm any time in the future. This is because the company has tapped into the device to leverage new trends such as online content streaming. This is the current trend that is sweeping the entertainment industry. However, this is not the highlight of its involvement with TV sets.

The Cupertino campus has found new ways of improving standards in the tech industry. A good example is the iPod, which was not the first MP3 player but the company made a device that was better than what was offered by other firms. Apple also used the same approach when it entered into the smartphone industry, and that has been the trend up to date.

If the company is to dominate the TV hardware industry, it would have to combine its user-friendly interface with new technology that is not offered by other firms. One of the highest prospects would be the High Definition Range (HDR). This technology is used to make all types of displays brighter and more colorful. Although new technology such as 4K have been the recent talk of the town as far as viewing is concerned, research claims that improvements in HDR make more sense than 4K. Having intellectual property rights in HDR technology might thus be the company’s way of making its mark on bigger screens.