What you need to know about Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) privacy policy


Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has again upgraded its privacy policy and now has tried to simplify the terms and procedures to show how the policy works, especially to address criticism and to solve its complexity for an average user.

The illustrations provided by Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) contain amendments and subsections explaining collection of data and information and how Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) uses it. The new policy appears to be 70% shorter and concise than the old one. The Chief Privacy Officer Erin Egan on Thursday said that clearing information and guidelines about Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is the goal of our department and we hope that it won’t be complex and lengthy for the average users.

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is also accepting comments and opinions from the general public to make the policy more user friendly. However it might make the privacy policy easier to understand, but it doesn’t keep the information safe over the internet. In reality majority of the Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) users don’t actually bother to read the terms and policies and even if some do, they still don’t take the issue serious. The users are not bothered with the fact that Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) intends to collect their purchases or working information or use their location to target advertisements.

On Thursday Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) launched a new feature called privacy basics, which shows how others can interact with you, what they see about you and what you see. Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has also been accused and greatly criticized of using its users as subjects to conduct mood detecting psychological studies by making different changes on the website and then observing the reactions its users.

However the new policy is crystal clear and is very easy to understand even for average users. It includes clear questions like what kind of information do we collect, how can I manage and delete information about me, and the answers to all these questions are answered in a neat bulleted frequently answered questions list. Apart from collecting information about your location to target you with ads, Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) can also collect information from the photos you share on the site.

Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) just doesn’t only collect data when you are online but also when you go offline, for example if you go to another website through Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) then all your activity information is being collected by Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). Unless you opt out or decline Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) will keep targeting you with ads of the companies that you visit offline. Moreover all the personal information while signing up and throughout the duration you use Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is collected by Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) including duration and schedule of your day to day activities, likes and dislikes and other private information.

Moreover a full fledge final version of the policy will be launched shortly on 20th November. Until then the users are welcome to give their maximum feedback, propose any changes and to ask any questions. The current privacy policy consists of 9000 words while the new is just 2700 words.