What Does The Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) IPhone Aftermath Offer?


As the iPhone sales went rocket high this quarter, it also led to an overdrive of accessories being designed and shipped to the retailers. Many of these accessories are going to hit the markets in 2015 but some have already penetrated the market. This includes the iPhone 6 helium battery life boost cases. The price ranges vary, some might be slightly over priced but it seems majority are cheap. EBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) is stocking up with generic battery cases. Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) too is offering the product with different price deals. One very tempting purchase is the Moko battery case for iPhone 6. It comes in a classy look to pass for the branded one and yet isn’t some cheap offering.

A close survey of the case helps one realize that it’s as simple a device as any protective case made for a smartphone. What makes it different is that it has a battery built in to it, which connects with the iPhone’s lightning port and lets one charge the battery. It’s specifically made for those who use the phone for more than just calls and often find themselves out of battery, or simply for those who forget to charge their phones daily.

Moko case, even though is the lightest one available in the market but the 70g along with 129g of the iPhones results in something slightly heavy in your pocket. But according to reviews, it is still easier to carry around then other competitor cases made.

The user has easy access of the volume and sleep buttons through the over laid plastic tabs. However, the headphone jacks appear to be a bit small but could be accessed through a cable. This might be considered as a pain for those who want to use the case on regular basis.

With regards to capacity, the internal battery gives 3100mAh. One can easily charge their iPhone from flat to 100% full and repeat from flat to another 35%. A better result could be attained if the phone was switched off. The charging of the case itself can be indicated by four white LEDs at the rear along with a larger power button for charging. The case also manages to keep the thin and sleek iPhone image in place.

People who use their iPhones very frequently need this device as a back-up to never be disconnected from their phones. The case doubles the phone’s battery life. The device itself is small and compact and could be used anywhere for long hours.

Compared to other cases roaming in the market, the Moko iPhone 6 battery case is considerably cheap and is easily available on Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) for as low as $34.99. The case not only is stylish and trendy but also promises to fulfill its function of providing users with long battery life for their iPhone. It is a must have for those who regularly forget to charge their phones, are connected to their phones 24/7 or are always on the move. This is a new year must have.