Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) Amongst Stocks that are Best Buys for Kids


There is a rising trends of investing in children’s future. Parents are now interested in buying stock in children’s name and are always looking for information on what is the best stock to invest in. Analysts have put together a list of three stocks that are the best buy to invest for children.

One of these is the Realty Income (NYSE:O) stock. On surface, this may seem like an odd choice for a junior investment, there are several good reasons for this stock to be included in this list.

Nowadays, kids want to be a part of the plans their parents’ layout for them. This is what makes this company a smart contender in this category. The company tenants include Walgreens, Family Dollar, AMC Theatres and Regal Entertainment. While children may not look at the finance aspect of stocks, they will however feel assured of investing into something they see functioning. And the aforementioned list is quite common to kids nowadays.

In addition, in light of the dividend stock that is paid every month will keep them interested in the stream of money that they earn regularly. It is also viewed as a secure investment, as Realty (NYSE:O) has a reputation if steady growth over the years. This is sure to keep a steady earnings for the children. In the last 20 years, the total per annum income sums up at 16.4%. Under this scenario, if stocks worth $1,000 are bought at 10 years of age, the resultant figure will total up to $400,000 in 40 years, which is quite a significant capital to enjoy near retirement.

Another such stock is Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ), which is an ideal company to invest in and succeeds in passing all criterion. What makes it an ideal contender is the fact that it is quite a widespread business. J&J (NYSE:JNJ) has an integral presence in several markets, such as prescribed drugs, medical devices and several other consumer products. It is quite old; 128 years this year, and keeps on getting stronger day by day.

This is another stock that children are quite familiar with, as they use the products in their day to day life. Kids are quite familiar with the no more tears shampoo and children skin products that have been developed by the company.

Furthermore, the steady dividend payments are bound to save up quite a handsome sum for the children when they grow old.

Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS) is one stock that children all over the world will be happy to invest in. the company makes a big part in a kid’s life and helps shape up their present and future. The media group is the first best media friend that every child is quite familiar and emotionally attached with.

Apart from the programs for minors, channels such as ESPN are also part of the group and will continue to interest the children, even as they grow old. Besides, which kid wouldn’t want to invest in makers of blockbusters like Toy Story, Frozen and the ever loved Mickey Mouse.