Visa Inc (NYSE:V) Launches NFC In All Payment Terminals At The Levi’s Stadium In Preparation For Super Bowl 50


Visa Inc (NYSE:V) has introduced a few improvements to the payment terminals at the Levi’s Stadium as the countdown to Superbowl 50 continues. The new improvements include adding NFC to all the payment terminals at the stadium in Santa Clara.

This is a great improvement as well as a great opportunity that will make it easier for customers to pay for services like food using their smartphones at the comfort of their seats. Of course, the smartphones will have to employ payment services such as Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL)’s Apple Pay or other NFC payment alternatives.

This will be a great opportunity for the mobile payment companies as well as for Visa Inc. because they will get an opportunity exploit the massive superbowl numbers. The card company also included its Visa Checkout service in the Superbowl50 app. This will allow fans to request concessions without necessitating credit card information in the App. This will most likely arouse the interest of many and further boost the popularity of the service.

The Superbowl 50 is this year will also be a great opportunity for the company to exert its influence especially considering that it will be taking place next to Visa’s hometown. Visa Inc. will also project a digital show on the side of two buildings including its headquarters in San Francisco. The superbowl imagery and the light show will be showcased through a partnership with Obscura Digital, a company based in San Francisco.

According to Lara Balazs, the senior VP and Visa’s heads of marketing in North America, the Bay Area is the technology driven part of America. Having the Superbowl there will provide the ideal opportunity for the company to showcase its prowess and leadership in mobile payment technology. Visa Inc. has sponsored the Superbowl for more than 20 years. However, it has not booked a TV spot since over the past decade. The company also installed more than 700 POS (point of sales) in the Levi’s Stadium. Its primary focus has been technological activities and events.