Venue 11 of Dell (NASDAQ: DELL)


Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) is a well-known name when it comes to computer sales, repairs and support. It also offers related services and products. The American owned company is among the largest technological corporation, worldwide.

Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) deals with personal computers, data storage, servers, software, network switches, HDTVs, printers, MP3 players and cameras. Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) has reputation for its innovative approach in supply chain management and electronic commerce. Up till 201, the company was at 51st place in the Fortune 500 rankings. But, ever since it went private, the financial aspects have not been released, hence no rank could be granted. The company stood third in terms of largest PC vendor after Lenovo (OTC:LNVGY) and HP (NYSE:HPQ), and is number one, for PC monitors.

Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) has recently launched its new 10.8 inch Venue 11 Pro tablet, which is much different in appearance and function, when compared with the original Venus 11 Pro.  The major differences include:

–          Core i5 processor Vs Core M chips

–          Venue 11 is much lighter and thinner

–          Venue 11 is fan-less

The Venue 11 price start at $700 and the device is available with an Intel Core-M 5Y10a processor or Intel M-5Y70 CPU. Both the chips are made up of dual core models, along with hyper-threading and integrated Intel HD Graphics of 500 embedded processors. In comparison, the M-5Y70 is much faster. The Venue 11 comes with Intel’s vPro technology, which is a collection of CPU type hardware and offers security along with IT management.

The Venue 11 tablets come with the option of Windows 8.1 or Windows 8.1 Pro, along with 4 or 8 GB of LDDR3, or 1600 memory. For storage purpose, it has 64, 128 and 256 GB options. Further storage can be installed by USB. It also has a 2 mega pixel HD camera in the front and an 8MP back camera.

Additional features include WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth and NFC (near field communication). Additionally, with some added cost, the users can enjoy LTE mobile broadband. Other components are MicroSD card reader port, micro HDMI port and a microphone / headphone port. Dell (NASDAQ: DELL)’s action plan was to target professionals by building an ecosystem around the device. It has the option to connect the Venue Pro to HD monitor and use with it as a keyboard as well as a mouse.

When it comes to battery life, it lasts up to 10 hours on tablet with an additional 10, if attached with a mobile keyboard, which comes with its own embedded 10 hour battery.

Only time will tell how beneficial this launch will prove for the company. It has high hopes attached to the new device, and the product does seem promising. Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) already has its share in the market, hence, it doesn’t need to prove itself to create a customer base from scratch. Consumers also have high hope attached to the latest launch, and only time will tell if the device is up to the mark.