Twitter’s (NYSE:TWTR) CFO Un-Intentionally Reveals Some Company Secrets


Twitter’s (NYSE:TWTR) CFO Anthony Noto, possible in rage of excitement tweeted something he shouldn’t. The CFO tweeted some secret which the company was intending to keep. Noto by mistake tweeted the following lines, “I still think we should buy them. He is on your schedule for Dec 15 or 15 — we will need to sell him. I have a plan.” This unintended tweet gave as a hint that the company is planning to buy some acquisitions.


The news might have overlooked for human error and may be a mistake because Anthony Noto is new to Twitter (NYSE:TWTR). However, the media seems to be unforgiving for this act because this crucial news could cast a direct effect on stocks. An analysis suggests that the companies in which Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) may be interested could be Storehouse, Shots, Secret, Prismatic, Drawbridge and Shopular. So this could give us an idea about what Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) may be seeing ahead.


Moreover, this could also give us a drawback for Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), i.e. the company’s CFO is also having difficulties using their own application. This could cause some investors to look upon their investment once more. Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) is also facing a trouble from the very beginning regarding its user interface. The application’s UI is quite confusing and a bit non – user friendly. Still many people find Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) difficult to use.


Most of the people still confuse Direct Message service with ordinary Tweets. The same mistake happened with American Congressman Anthony Weiner, who accidently uploaded his naked photos on the internet. However, changes are promised in the coming February. The designers will try to simplify the interface to remove the confusions found on the application. Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) can become tricky at times because users with excessive uses have to deal with separate different streams for home feeds, activity, notifications, etc.


So the users have to switch multiple times in order to navigate through the program. If you look at Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), the application did not see much change in the user interface since it started. Moreover, users have to go through a set rules and traditional RTs and MTs and learn about the functions and uses of characters like @, “.” and the # (hash tags). Then again it is really confusing at times to figure out the direct messages from public Tweets. This seems to be the cause behind Anthony Noto’s Tweet.


Noto had mistaken public reply Tweet for a direct message and his private went viral within seconds. Moreover, Costolo thinks that best way to increase user traffic is to provide users with a better user interface. However, lack of user friendly environment seems to be the main reason behind Twitter’s (NYSE:TWTR) slow growth. Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) has about 283 million monthly active users while Facebook has MAUs of more than 1.3 billion. So, this means Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) has to start working on its interface to gain more user growth.