Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) Making Millions from Guest Visitors


Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) might be adding billions to its revenue because of many guest visitors viewing the website. While some analysts may see it as a loss on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR)’s part to be interesting or compelling enough to get these guest visitors to sign up on the website, it actually isn’t a loss at all. Although, it may seem that Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) is unaware of the profiles of these anonymous visitors, it still does advertise to them. Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), like Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL), uses context and search preferences to advertise to these seemingly unknown visitors.

Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) is quite aware of these people, in terms of which page have they come from and what sort of content these visitors prefer. By monetizing results, Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) is able to target these unknown customers, or at least try to meet the expectations of these visitors, as in what they are looking for. Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) also uses 50,000 hashtags every day in order to show general web results on the basis of the most searched content that day. Also, Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) employs curated timelines that are based upon special trending hashtags. This creates opportunities for the company to attract customers and get them to sign up.

Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) doesn’t necessarily have to get these people to sign up. The trick is to get these people hooked to the website, not to sign them up. Of course, it would be a plus point nonetheless if they become permanent users, but Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) has tweaked its website- made it more media related, more in depth and interesting for the casual visitor to keep scrolling forever. Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) also changed the look of the profiles and tweets to make them seem more interesting. In addition to this, Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) advertises or suggests look-alike tweets or profiles of the current profile that the users are visiting. This gives Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) the opportunity to keep the visitor hooked and get him to delve deeper into the website without navigating off right away.

What we can understand from this is that Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) has the ability to maximize its revenue just by adding advertisements to its websites. Monetizing the guest visitors can boost the revenue by 65 percent in next year. Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) is currently making $1.3 billion just by catering advertisements to these logged out visitors. This indicates a future growth in advertisement for the company.

$1.3 billion might not sound a lot but to gain it from guest visitors is really something; plus it’s a good sign for the investors who are now aware that Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) understands how to make money. Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) will be increasing its efforts to attract more and more visitors to its page and if they can’t get them to sign up, they’ll certainly work on keeping them engaged on the page for hours. Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), after all, has become the most informative social platform and a kind of online journalism platform. The variation that the company generates in its services is bound to attract more users in the future.