Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) ’s Co-Founder Evan Williams Proposes ‘The Daily Message’ App To Manage Mailbox


Evans Williams, Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s co-founder, has proposed a new app, which will help people to manage their inbox. Williams describes the idea as a messaging app, which only delivers once per day. Most of us definitely feel lazy having to go through our emails, especially when they have piled up. Even research has proved that trying to stay on top of messages is making us sick.

Currently, there are many tools and apps, which seek to manage a steady flow of emails, but this seems not always to work to our advantage. Williams noted that the solution could easily be as simple as checking our emails once in a day. This definitely would not be possible especially when you have to log in to you mailing account each and every day. This is the main reason Williams proposed this app.

Williams in his publishing platform Medium went ahead to compare this app with the traditional post. He stated that it would be like going to the mailbox and finding out what they have for you. Through this people will have the chance to see all their emails received over the past 24 hours and respond accordingly.

Williams also noted that while using this app, it would not matter whether an email was sent five minutes ago or 24 hours ago but they will all be delivered at the same time each day. This would be advantageous in the manner that other than checking your emails daily, it will give people sufficient time to edit and delete messages before the send them. This basically means people will take enough time composing messages so that they only include the right message in the right manner.

The Medium post, which Williams published, this did not further on this idea. Thus it cannot be confirmed whether Williams is already working on this project or he is just planning to come up with this app. Generally, this app can be very helpful since early this month a study found out that the amount of emails that people receive causes them stress. People have a tendency to love to be in control but this at times seems to be backfiring.