The Self-Sufficient Delta Air (NYSE:DAL)


Delta Air Lines (NYSE:DAL) has set itself up in Seattle and considers the location as its key Intercontinental gateway on the West Coast. Alaska Air (NYSE:ALK) is known to aid the provision of connecting traffic for these flights.

However, Delta Air (NYSE:DAL) is now targeting more independence in the region without having to rely on any other airline to aid its operations in the region.  In view of these tactics, the airline has undergone significant expansion in the Seattle region and has placed itself as a challenger to previous ally; Alaska Air (NYSE:ALK). The expansion doesn’t end here as Delta Air (NYSE:DAL) has announced further growth plans. Hence, Alaska Air (NYSE:ALK) is expected to have a challenging 2015.

The Asiatic region is considered a primary growth region for international airlines, hence it is an opportunity that Delta Air (NYSE:DAL) seems to engage in as well. With several other airlines having strong foot set in other locations, and considering the travelers preference of using direct flights, as opposed to the connecting ones, Delta Air (NYSE:DAL) has set Seattle as the hub to exercise its plans related to Asian regions.

Delta Air (NYSE:DAL) has made some key changes to its flight plan and quite recently, non-stop flights to London in Europe, and Hong Kong and Seoul in Asia have been added. This puts Delta Air (NYSE:DAL) ahead of other companies in terms of operating international flights from a single location; Seattle.

The Delta Air (NYSE:DAL) expansion in Seattle is quite a remarkable feat. Delta Air (NYSE:DAL) only hosted a total of 34 departures from Seattle during peak day hours, to just 15 destinations, in the beginning of year 2014. However, Delta Air (NYSE:DAL) is now managing a large volume of flights from Seattle to every nook and corner of the western US.

According to latest revelations, Delta Air (NYSE:DAL) is now operating a total of 80 peak day flights from Seattle to 25 destinations. Another updated flight plan is expected to immerge at the end of the current year, with total number of flights going up to 93 departures to 32 destinations. Quite recently, another announcement has surfaced that Delta Air (NYSE:DAL) plans to introduce non-stop flight services to another five major cities by the early part of next year. In addition, it plans to increase the frequency of flights on a total of seven routes.

Hence, by mid-2015; Delta Air (NYSE:DAL) will have had put to operation 120 departures from Seattle to 35 destinations, spread across three continents and that to in just 18 months.

Even after such dramatic expansion in the region Delta Air (NYSE:DAL) still lags way behind its area competitor, Alaska Air (NYSE:ALK). However, the later will have a run for its money after a long time as Delta Air (NYSE:DAL) sets itself as a serious contender. Currently Alaska Air (NYSE:ALK) operates 280 departures on daily basis from Seattle. However, Delta Air (NYSE:DAL) has precedence over the much bigger empire in terms of flights that include international routes.