The Rivals General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) and Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) are the Automaker Stock to Watch

General Motors Company
General Motors Company

17 October

The U.S. pickup leader Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F), the leading pick-up trucks’ manufacturers in the US have plans to expand the company’s 2014’s model of F-Series trucks.

Ford Motor Company is going to introduce 8 F-Series trucks including the F-150 sports truck weighing half-ton. Last year Ford Motor did a major redesign to give its truck fancier headlamps where as two years ago it gave powertrain upgrades to its trucks. Ford’s marketing manager Doug Scott hasn’t refrained from discussing the new trucks; however, he did comment on reducing the weight of new trucks. An analyst in the metal industry believes that reduction in the weight of the vehicle by Ford might actually trigger a huge shift in customer demand; this would be the most major shift since aluminum car’s introduction. The main benefit of vehicle weight reduction will be better fuel economy.

F-Series deliveries for Ford Motor Company increase by 21% totaling up to 559,506 delivers this year; with its F-Series Ford Motor’s lead over GMC Sierra and  Chevrolet Silverado trucks by General Motors Company went up by 18%, totaling up to 63,061 deliveries.

According to Dough Scott, the sustainability plans by Ford Motor require the company to reduce the weight of each vehicle by 750 pounds. Scott also said that fewer than 4% of General Motors Company’s Silverado buyers are not going for anF-150.

In the last session of trading, shares of Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) jumped up by 1.89% ($17.29) whereas shares of General Motors Company (NYSE:GM) also went up by 1.24% ($35.13).