The new Candy Crush Saga from King Digital Entertainment PLC (NYSE: KING)


Everyone knows about the candy crush game going viral on the largest social network to date. King Digital Entertainment PLC (NYSE: KING) reported this Monday that the Candy Crush Soda Saga was launching alongside the candy crush saga across the globe through Facebook (NASDAQ: FB). Candy Crush’s sister game will be hitting the screens of consumers in a couple of weeks.

The question is whether this game will generate enough revenue or not. 2014 is almost over so the big question is how much the launch will affect the company’s financials in 2015. The company must maintain its transactions after the launch of the game ad and the prediction of Thomson Reuters states that King Digital (NYSE: KING) will gain about $2.21 billion for the current year in revenues and around $2.13 billion for 2015 in revenues.

The game that everyone loves is on its way to make bigger and better sagas than before. The company has been working hard on this launch but has experienced a minute amount of interest from its potential investors as the news surfaced the media this Monday. On Friday, the company closed at $11.80. Its shares were rising at 0.6% making it to nearly $11.87. The post IPO range of King (NYSE: KING) was from $10.68 up to $23.48.

This release stated the Candy Crush Soda Saga is the next Candy Crush Franchises iteration which allows Candy Crush lovers to make their way up to other dimensions. Played in the same kingdom, it has better features and graphics than ever. The game has new candy combinations, gameplay machines, game modes and much more which fans would love to tackle.

This new game is meant to be played in sync with the original one. It gives players new features to look forward to. Those who loves the storyline in the initial game are bound to love this one with its new challenges and titles.

This saga has incorporated the framework of the previous one. Players will move through levels and episodes that are given on the map of the game thus helping them experience one social layer at a time as they are connected to Facebook (NASDAQ: FB).

Normally when a player is stuck on any level of the original game they can now switch to the new version for some time before going back (especially if they are out of lives and have to wait). This tactic made the Angry Birds game a popular one with so many versions hitting the market.

Sebastian Knutsson, the chief creative officer of the King (NYSE: KING) stated that this new version is not a sequel as it is just an addition to the title which targets consumers who love candy crush. Two different teams are working on both the games with original work continuing as well as new work. The teams are working on newer levels and challenges for the loyal consumer pool of active Candy Crush lovers.