The IBM (NYSE:IBM) – Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) Combined Production


IBM (NYSE:IBM) and Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) have come together to ensure enterprise mobility of employees and applications. The product is expected to be launched in December. However, this comes a little later than what the Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) CEO had predicted.

The synergy came in to action in July to aid enterprises. According to details, the partnership entails IBM (NYSE:IBM) to program an application for some specific enterprises that will be available to run on Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) devices; phones and tablets. IBM (NYSE:IBM) will then sell these devices with the application already installed. Part of this deal is that the IBM (NYSE:IBM) activation, management and security software will also be included as a part of this deal. This synergy works in favor of both the companies. It helps Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) enter the IT loop that it has never been able to engage in before. This will also aid IBM (NYSE:IBM) to get in connection with the mobile market.

The Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) developers are already hard at work to develop and solve any emerging programming errors in these apps, according to the CEO statements recorded at the event of a conference call in Q4. These solutions are programmed to provide their services to six sectors. These will include banking, insurance, travel, government, transportation, telecommunications and retail; according to the CEO statements.

A potential launch date is still very vague. It is not expected to come out anytime soon as the holiday season looms and both the companies might feel that the launch will be shadowed by the excitement this time of the year generates, due to several attractive discounts and offers put forth by various brands. Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) is used to maximum limelight whenever it releases a product, and it will aim for the same consumer effect for this app as well.

Similarly, this will be the first of its kind for IBM (NYSE:IBM) as well and hence, the company will wish for maximum attention.

Sources close to IBM (NYSE:IBM) have revealed that the product is likely to make an appearance in December. However, no official statement of a probable date of release has been announced by either of the two companies.

According to Charles King, the Pund-IT analyst, the twin company product is not like other consumer products that can be taken home and used after purchase, it is likely to draw radical attention from potential consumers who won’t be buying it for trial basis. Hence, these customers are likely to be in contact with either of the two companies to enquire about the stage of development these apps are currently going through.

Interested parties that are expected to engage these services on a larger scale might already be in contact with the production teams at IBM (NYSE:IBM).

Some other analysts are seeing these range of apps in a different light and say that it is quite different from the production cycle iPhones and iPads go through. It is also projected that the product suite might come in chunks, with complete set launched over several dates.