The Ford (NYSE:F)’s Mustang Turns into King Cobra


The automobile industry has turned into a fashion parade. Along with performance and power, consumer nowadays consider look of the car as much as the other important factors. This has made the task more challenging in this Industry. Companies spend billions on hiring designers to create high performance, powerful and beautiful cars.

Once the automobile companies have done their share, the proud owners like to put a bit of personal touch on their prized possessions. This trend is even more exclusive, if one happens to own a sports car. In this regard, Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) Mustang, the American muscle is very popular and a dream car for many.

The Mustang has been one of the most desired cars since its first model came in to the market. Quite recently, Ford (NYSE:F) has done another huge favor to the Mustang owners. They can now turn their 2015 Mustang GT into a King Cobra.

At Ford Racing, where sky is the limit according to Jamie Allison, director of Ford Racing; the 2015 Mustang manages to retain its status as the most wanted for the last 113 years of being in the market. This new Ford (NYSE:F) offer is an a la carte menu that lets buyers choose parts from the Ford Racing Catalog. They can get one of whatever they wish for. Allison renders the newest model as the best Mustang ever and feels that the King Cobra package is their best, to date.

To attain this package, Ford (NYSE:F) has three options; a Drag Pack, a Handling Pack and a Super Pack. The Super Pack comes with the option of getting 2.3L Twin Vortices Series (TVS), Ford (NYSE:F) Racing’s supercharger and ROUSH Performance. The transformation will result in a 600 horsepower King Cobra. The transformed vehicle was tested, and ran quarter of a mile in 10.97 seconds.

Many, who are not aware of the magical Mustang might question this new development and may think it won’t bring any effect to the sales or bring in any extra revenue for the motor company, however, the effect that a Mustang generates is not at all underestimated.

Ford (NYSE:F)’s Mustang has a cult status, that is a regular feature in movies, advertisements, video games and manages to stay in the limelight.

Mustang also has massive internet following and has been number one, if not on the other two positions of the top three, searched vehicle on Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL).

This year is being rendered as the most important one for Ford (NYSE:F) and its fan, as two of its most amazing vehicles see light of the day. The lineup includes the Mustang GT and F-150. The GT’s new assembles; 2.3L turbocharged EcoBoost is being tested off the record. If it passes, the feature might become a permanent and add power on top of extreme power, something motor enthusiast must dream about.

The innovation at Ford (NYSE:F) creative department is expected to continue. The King Cobra transformation is just the beginning, and there is more to come.