The Dish (NASDAQ:DISH) – Turner (NYSE:TWX) Dispute


Rumors aren’t just rumors here. It is true that there is a dispute going on between the content provider Time Warner’s (NYSE:TWX) Turner Network and the service provider Dish Network Corp (NASDAQ:DISH). This has caused the content provider to take its channels off the satellite, however Dish believes that this dispute will be over and forgotten soon and is doing the best it can to get the two companies to agree on terms.

Although considering how content providers and carriers are in a war zone, this period may be longer than what anyone predicts. The Senior Vice President of Programming at Dish (NASDAQ:DISH), Warren Schlichting stated that the dispute will be relatively short. Dish (NASDAQ:DISH) announced this Monday that Turner Networks removed its channels including Cartoon Network, CNN, HLN, Boomerang, Turner Classic Movies and CNN en Español from the lineup of Dish TV.

The companies weren’t able to settle on an agreement with Turner refusing to extend the terms of the previous agreement. Schlichting stated that Dish (NASDAQ:DISH) was successful in renewing agreements with other companies in the past year therefore being confident that the one with Turner will be agreed upon at a sooner date thereby returning the content to Dish (NASDAQ:DISH) viewers.

Consumers who are fanatics of these channels and have Dish (NASDAQ:DISH) TV are in great disarray but Dish (NASDAQ:DISH) is doing its best to calm them down and bring Turner to the light of negotiation. He continued to say that Dish (NASDAQ:DISH) has over the years made a very productive relationship with Turner and that the disruption in services to their customers are highly uncalled for hence they are getting to the bottom of the issue promptly.

However, it is obvious about what is happening behind the curtain is that Dish (NASDAQ:DISH) certainly wants more in terms of money for its carriage. What Turner is trying to do is to outmaneuver the company and it is putting pressure by pulling away popular programming. Turner is making demands which seem pretty unreasonable thus refusing to extent the old agreement.

Dish (NASDAQ:DISH) told its customers that the agreement with the company had expired and that they in turn removed the channels. The total blame depicted here is on Turner which is causing its customers to stay in the void. Popular content providers have started to offer products online now and HBO is already in the process of this with HBO GO being available on a range of devices from the tech giant Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL), Apple TV to Sony’s (NYSE: SNE), PS3. This is increasing competition for companies like Dish (NASDAQ:DISH).

Dish (NASDAQ:DISH) may not realize that its service is coming to a decline. Content providers are in over their heads with demands increasing day by day. The dispute between Turner and Dish (NASDAQ:DISH) can only be resolved by one putting away their differences and coming to an agreed upon settlement before the public begins to look at other arenas for better services.