The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) receives a massive 50 jets order


The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) has received a huge order of 50 jets which amounts to around $4.9 billion. The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) is the world’s largest aerospace company and Garuda Indonesia, Indonesian flag carrier, will buy 50 of its latest generation 737-MAX jets. The order also includes conversion of an existing order of four older generation 737-800 Max variants.

There is a current trend in the airline industry to create more fuel efficient planes, if not, then to update the existing ones for better performance and fuel efficiency. 77 of The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA)’s 737 Max planes are operated by Garuda Indonesia. Out of 50, 4 will actually be converts while the rest of the 46 will be new 737 Max planes.

737 MAX is more unique in today’s normal jet. It is 14 percent more fuel efficient. The 737 MAX 8 will have an 8% per seat operating cost advantage over the A320neo. The 737 MAX 8 will be a new step for the airline corporations. Garuda Indonesia is confident that the jet will restore the feeling of trust and safety in the passengers. Amidst the horror that has been diffused recently because of many jets going missing, the priority is the efficiency and safety of air travel.

According to the Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) reports, 2,295 airplanes of 737 MAX have been purchased by 47 customers from all around the globe. The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) forecasted that air cargo traffic is bound to go up by 4.7 percent annually over the next 20 years with global freight traffic expected to more than double by 2033. The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) also holds the distinction of delivering the first 787-9 Dreamliner to Virgin Atlantic Airways. Virgin Atlantic Airways is the first airline in Europe to buy 787-9 and aims operate the airplane starting from its London Heathrow to Boston route.

The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) has a reputation in the aerospace market being the number one choice for all the airlines. If there is a plane to be bought, The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) is the company to approach. On the occasion of its 90th year of service in India, British Airways would be inducting The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) 787 Dreamliner in its service on the Chennai-London route as well. The airline would be offering The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) 747, The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) 777 flights on the Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi routes.

Currently, the 737 MAX is being manufactured and the manufacturing of parts is well underway already as The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) is making sure that it gets done on the scheduled time. 737 MAX will make The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) unassailable in the aerospace division. The first 737 MAX flight is scheduled for 2016.

The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) is focused on creating airplanes that cut right through the market in terms of efficiency. As far as safety is concerned, every company bets upon The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) planes when safety becomes crucial.