Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) All Set To Bring Consumers Vegan Cars


Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) has summoned hints on the future of world’s self-driving car and how they shall be working. Thought these cars are not here yet, they are definitely coming. The government is already spending a lot of money funding the idea. As a result, Tesla Motors, Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Google, Uber, General Motors Company (NYSE:GM), Faraday and other companies have been taking advantage of this new innovation in technology.

The always innovative company is already working on its plans to offer an “all vegan” interior for its model that is called Model X SUV. The “all vegans” features artificial leather that will adorn the seats, steering wheel as well as the gear shift.

As a matter of fact, this is an innovation that was hard to imagine a generation ago. Undoubtedly, Telsa’s offer will project a more responsible image by offering the vegan options. It is, however, not enough to swear off fossil fuel for the ultimate in green car technology. The whole car will have to be vegan as well.

The Model X SUV, also known as the “ultra white”, is not the first vegan option that has been put forth by this company. The initial solution that the company invented had a cloth interior but seemed a little unworthy of its price tag. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise to see Telsa offer a more price-and luxury appropriate measure. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has teamed up with animal right group PETA for the development of new synthetic leather.

It is not Tesla alone that is going green though. The car industry is now on the verge of repairing the reputation of being one of the main global polluters. A lot of efforts are being made by all automobile companies in terms of emission and interior when it is a question of being environmental friendly.

The faux leather options have already found their way into luxury brands like BMW, Lexus and Ferrari. On the other hand, companies like Volvo and Ford have marketed their idea of using organic materials such as soy foam within car seats. Car industry seem to see the standard vision for a world with self-driving cars very clearly and can only leave customers imagining of fleets of vehicles roaming form place to place.

In his comment about how these cars will operate, Elon Musk said that this is only a ‘baby step in the direction of summon.’ He added that one will be able to summon their cars from anywhere and the car can physically get to the owner. He seemed very certain that in the next two years, the idea will have become a reality.