Success at an early age for Meyer; rejection for Apple (NASDAQ:APPL)


John Meyer a teenage developer dropped out of a renowned university’s computer science programme in order to work for his tech guild. Meyer revealed in an interview that his parents did not approve of his decision because he was a student of NYU, where his mother was a teacher. However, later they started to support him because even they could not deny the fact that Meyer was already an outstanding independent computer programmer. During his freshman year in 2008, in high school, Meyer taught himself the programming language Objective C and started writing apps. Meyer also said that he started earning money through his programming during his sophomore year of high school.

Meyer confessed that he had been very lucky in terms of earning money. Just after a year of starting work as a developer he could support himself.

He went on to say that he earned a decent amount by writing iPhone apps; he said during his first year of college he had enough money to live on his own and by rebooting Fresco he was also able to pay his tuition fee at NYU. Fresco is a junction between Instagram, Twitter and flipboard.

While talking about his app portfolio, Meyer revealed that he had written about 40 apps. Most of the apps were written through his app company TapMedia. Amongst these apps was the iPhone 4 flashlight app called Just Light. This app created waves and was downloaded about 2 million times. Seeing the popularity of this app Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) decided to add it to its iPhone.

Perfect Shot which was released last year for iOS 7 is Meyer’s another hit. It was downloaded 60,000 times within the first four days of its release and the number has grown to over 1 million. This app uses the smile and eye detection feature in the camera. The app takes the picture just when everyone is smiling and no one is blinking.

This idea was so brilliant that it demanded attention from Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) went ahead and asked Meyer to become an intern. Meyer confessed that it is every student’s dream to get an offer like that especially because it pays well. But he refused even though an Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) intern can make $5,723, monthly. He does not worry about letting go of such an amazing opportunity; he is confident that if he wanted to he could easily get another internship.

Meyer explained that he gets offers from recruiters all the time but he would not be content working for someone else because he is a businessman at heart.

Meyer’s claims are not just self glorification of a teenager. He revealed that he is very close with various people at Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) who he met by regularly attending the Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) developer conference. He has been going to this conference since he was 16. His father helped him sneak in the first time because he was under 18 and was not allowed to attend. He accompanied his father on a flight to San Francisco, where his dad registered himself for the conference and then gave the pass to him and left. This took place right after the success of the flashlight app.

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) then created a programme for teenagers at the conference and Meyer said that meeting other programmers his age is great.

Meyer told that he was a finalist in the Thiel Fellowship, which is a programme by a billionaire project entrepreneur Peter Thiel, in which young talented students drop out of school to initiate companies. Only 40 people were finalist, 20 were chosen but Meyer was not one of the 20.

He is working on two more projects as well. One is a hostel-alternative company that would allow people to travel the world for less than $30 per night. The other is a platform that will bridge the distance between university students that have skills and large companies that are looking to hire talented people.

Meyer hasn’t ruled out the option of going back to college but for now he is busy creating apps for fun as well as profit.