Starz (NASDAQ:STRZA) Looking For Potential Buyers Or Suitable Partner


It’s not a secret now that Starz (NASDAQ:STRZA) is looking for a potential buyer or a partner that provides formidable strategic alliance. While companies have declined to comment, there are some companies in the highlight that might extend an offer to Starz (NASDAQ:STRZA). There are names in the would-be suitor companies that even surprise us.

CBS CORP. (NYSE:CBS) Corp is first in line that might extend a healthy offer to Starz (NASDAQ:STRZA).  CBS CORP. (NYSE:CBS) already has Showtime in its portfolio and adding Starz (NASDAQ:STRZA) won’t be such a bad idea. Time Warner Inc.’s (NYSE:TWX), HBO and Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. (NASDAQ:FOXA) also had a lengthy meeting with Starz (NASDAQ:STRZA) discussing the possible acquisition or partnership. Lions Gate is also being kept in the loop; Lions gate came out of John Malone’s Liberty Media Corp last year. Now Malone wants his 5 billion from Lions gate.

All these companies are a veteran as far as entertainment business is concerned. They’ll be looking to outbid each other in order to grab at Starz (NASDAQ:STRZA), which quite frankly, wasn’t doing so badly at all. Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) and Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) are also eying Starz (NASDAQ:STRZA) for a potential offer to enhance their online original programming and to keep growing. Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) has gained popularity in the last couple of years and is now one of the largest providers of online streaming videos. Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), on the other hand, is an old player still hungry for expansion. Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN)’s stock is the most formidable and its habit of having its fingers in different operations hasn’t waned yet.

Netflix beat Starz (NASDAQ:STRZA) in 2012 in biddings to acquire the rights to play films of Walt Disney (NYSE:DIS). Starz (NASDAQ:STRZA) has an element that these companies will find hard to overlook: A multiyear agreement with Sony Corp regarding exclusive rights to playing Sony’s live action films. The deal continues till 2021. Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) already has a deal with Sony regarding its animated films. But Starz (NASDAQ:STRZA)’s deal with Sony is much more lucrative and adding live action movies to its portfolio, Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) won’t mind that at all.

But there is a question that still looms over Starz (NASDAQ:STRZA): Does it have enough to offer to convince these companies to acquire the company for a good price? Is it good enough for a partnership? These are the questions Starz (NASDAQ:STRZA) have to answer in order to convince these high end players to shake hands with Starz (NASDAQ:STRZA).

Starz (NASDAQ:STRZA) is asking for a price that is reportedly too steep and analysts say that the company eventually will run out of options and will have to settle for less. It’s up to Starz (NASDAQ:STRZA) to settle for a price it considers being good enough for the company. But as far as 5 billion is concerned, we don’t think any company would agree to offer that. What fate holds the company is evidently to be seen in future, the concern of the matter is if Starz (NASDAQ:STRZA) will stand the test of time.