Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) is testing a latte In Columbus that tastes just like a beer


Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) which is one of the most famous coffee brand has been testing different flavors for the fall season. The previous experiments to introduce new flavors went very successful and were a major hit amongst its consumers. So it is focused on introducing new flavors and has recently introduced a new beer-flavored latte, which according to its expectations should have been hit but got mixed reviews. The drink would taste like a mixture of beer and coffee but it would not contain any actual beer. According to a report by Starbucks has been testing the new flavors, beer-flavored latte included, only in Columbus.

Different delivery services have also been started in the city, so that people can enjoy the drinks of Starbucks at any time. Dark Barrel latte is a mixture of dark caramel, chocolaty sauce and espresso, according to the memo of the company posted in Reddit. According to this memo the drink is influenced by the concept of craft beers. It is not confirmed that for how long it will be available but the popular Pumpkin spiced latte and this beer latte are the part of the fall lineup. And no it doesn’t contain any beer actually but if it becomes popular then it could be introduced in other states as well.

Talking about beverages, you can now have access to beer in Cincinnati without leaving your homes. A Chicago startup named Drinkos has been set in the Cincinnati city to test their liquor delivery services, as reported by the Cincinnati Business Courier. In this paper it is said that you have to be of age to avail this service of course, both when you place the order and when it is delivered at your place, otherwise you can always order at any time of the day or night. Any party or poker night no longer needs to be interrupted while you go out to purchase the beer and restock it; the Drinkos delivery services have brought a natural evolution in delivery services of liquor. These delivery services are great for offices where you usually don’t keep beer and can always order if the boss wants to treat the employees for a good work week.

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