Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) Doubles Sales of Wine and Other Foods


Coffee and Latte are among some of the most widely consumed beverages in the World. The trend of Coffee has never declined, even after the ban of cocoa beans from a few countries, like Ivory Coast. The trend still went positive. Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX), which sells coffee and latte as its core products has also benefitted the most from this positive trend and made revenue of US $14.89Billion in 2013. Later, the Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) added beer and wine to its menu and has, now recently doubled its serving and selling as well. From New York daily news report, the company has issued this new menu to almost 3000 of its stores. The management is now also coming up with new and creative ideas to serve their products, thinking of introducing trucks and other food delivery services to serve the masses in a more effective manner. The management wants to get rid of the customer waiting problem by introducing this new mobile ordering service, now the customers don’t have to wait outside the stores.

According to Fortune’s reports, the company wants to accomplish this new expansion plan in a time period of five years. The company intends to double its revenue outcomes to $4 billion by its new menu expansion program. The management is already expecting almost $1 billion revenue next year by introducing wine and beer to their menu. According to analysts, the company has already made huge sales by offering wine and beer in its menu, and this will prove yet another break through for the company to capture more and more local market thus affecting the local restaurant sales.

The company intends to launch this multibillionaire project after several experimenting and testing stages. The web menu has already been updated and these services have already been launched. The plan is so far showing positive results as well. The other new foods introduced to these place are Parmesan skewers with crusted chicken, macaroni truffle, balsamic glaze, bacon rapped dates, champagne, chocolate expresso, goat cheese flatbread, cheese and raspberry truffles. The company has also introduced wines with a number of different contrasts from sparkling white to rose and red choices. But since the beer selections were changed the customers had to ask the bar tender for the current standard selections.

The coffee trucks, mobile app program and service delivery plans are all equally important. All are the part of company’s value chain system, which the company has to maintain to sustain a steady goodwill. Advance mobile ordering however is the most concerned service phase for the management, as the customer in a hurry standing in the long lines might go somewhere else, this will also leave a negative impact on the business reputation. Therefore the advance mobile ordering service is just what company needs right now to avoid losing any valuable customers. The announcement came in a very good time as the star bucks stock went a little low in October, however after the announcement it again jumped up by 1%.