Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) Signs Deal With Australian Startup Unlockd To Lower Bills Through Ads


Sprint Corp (NYSE:S) has teamed up with Australian startup firm Unlockd through its subsidiary Boost Mobile in a deal that will help drive down mobile customer bills by $5 through ads.

The new feature will be introduced to 9 million customers in the US. The partnership will give users an option where they can subscribe to advertising content offered by ad firms. These ads will show up every time users unlock their mobile devices. The services will allow the customers to receive a $5 discount from Sprint.

Unlockd already has a portfolio of advertising partners that provide the ad content. Some of these firms include Levi’s clothing company, Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX), Hulu, and Lyft. The partnership also includes deals with Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) and Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) as part of bringing the search bar to the unlock screen. The partnership will also provide exclusive deals and offers to Twitter’s users through MoPub, a digital ad marketplace.

While such a deal offers some advantages to consumers, it also brings changes in ad revenue streams for telecommunication firms according to Sprint Telecom prepaid director, Doug Smith. The new ad project has been given the name Boost Dealz and will be offered on an optional basis to both new and existing customers.

Mr. Smith stated that the Boost Dealz concept is an entirely new service in the industry and is designed to provide more value to customers by offering an opportunity to learn about other services. It will also create an avenue for advertising companies to have a wider audience. This will create a new source of revenue for Sprint and Unlockd. It will be more advantageous for Unlockd if Sprint decides to extend it to all its services. That way the number of customers would increase drastically to about 58 million.

The Australian startup plans to expand its services to more telecom operators in Europe, Asia and Australia. Its CEO and co-founder Matt Berriman revealed that the company has already struck deals with some telecom operators in Asia and the UK.