Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) Victim of another Cyber Attack: Different Group, Same Source


Guardians of Peace have struck again. The group that broke into Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE)’s Hollywood Studios database and leaked volatile information has broken into Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) Playstation’s online server. The group, this time called, Lizard Squad, broke into Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) Playstation’s online store and took it offline. The hack comes barely after a week of the company’s 20th century celebration of Playstation debut.

It’s getting harder for Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) to focus on business amidst the chaos these hackers are causing. However, this time the hack wasn’t really significant. The previous hack done by Guardians of Peace accounted of 100 terabytes worth data includes personal files and movies that weren’t even released at that time. The hackers leaked the files online. Other information included social security numbers, private documents, and contract information of celebrities.

Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) pointed fingers at the North Korean government for the previous attack and the stance for this attack is the same. Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) believes that the North Korean government is getting to them because of the movie ‘The Interview’- a comedy movie regarding a plot to assassinate Kim Jong-Un’. Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE), along with the dedicated authorities is still investigating the incident.

There hasn’t been any prove left that point towards the North Korean government or agencies but Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) has been adamant on its accusations against the government stating that it was anticipating an attack but not of such a large scale. Guardians of Peace had demanded that the movie ‘The Interview’ be taken off immediately; failing to do so would lead to more security breaches. Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) shares plummeted by 4.56 percent after users complained about the limited access to the online store.

Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) has been silent about the second attack and has only stated that the company is looking into the matter. The North Korean Central News Agency denied having a part in the cyber attacks but applauded the result. The North Korean government was vocal about being unhappy with the movie’s plot. ‘The North Korean government didn’t land any threats whatsoever but warned Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) of the consequences.

It is feared that the whole matter will be turned into a political fiasco, because of the North Korean leader’s extreme approach in such matters. There is a chance that the U.S government might intervene in the scenario because the movie is an American film. It’s impossible for Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) to cancel the movie and it shouldn’t because there is this element of freedom of speech involved. In fact, the movie is a comedy and has nothing personal to do with the North Korean leader.

The movie should be taken as a source of entertainment rather than an act of slander or character assassination. As far as the hacks are concerned, cyber crime is after all a crime nonetheless and the judgment for the criminals should be swift and just.