Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) Hints at North Korean Supporters Being Behind the Cyber Attack


Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) was subjected to a large hack last month when a cyber-crime group called DarkSeoul broke into the company’s film and television wing, leaking sensitive documents and social security numbers of employees and celebrities. Cybersecurity expert claims that the malware was undetectable. Though there is no genuine lead as to who was behind the hack, fingers are being pointed towards North Korean supporters. North Korea didn’t take it well when Sony (NYSE:SNE) produced a comedy film which had a plot to assassinate Kim Jong Un.

The state run Korean Central News Agency also stated that it is possible that these supporters hacked Sony’s database because of their righteous anger over Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) produced movie. The systems were paralyzed for almost two weeks, leading to a state of panic in the company. Sony (NYSE:SNE) executives claim that this was a well thought and carefully planned crime, not to mention, quite deliberate. Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) wasn’t prepared to such an attack since it was aimed at a specific wing rather than the central database.

Ever since Sony Corporation (NYSE:SNE) has been associated with the movie, heat has been emanating from the North Korean supporters and Kim Jong himself. They’ve been openly critical of Sony (NYSE:SNE)’s backing up of the movie. Reports suggest that the hack was traced back to a Bangkok hotel, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet; although the pieces of the puzzle are pointing towards one possible culprit: North Korea.

Confidential information, such as salary details, social security numbers and emails were leaked from Sony (NYSE:SNE)’s film and TV wing. The act has been widely condemned by the media and the general public. Strict investigation was launched into the matter; the authorities stated that the criminals, whoever they are, will be met with swift and unprejudiced judgment. After all, it’s a crime nonetheless; in fact it is property theft.

This is the first time someone has shook the Japanese conglomerate this hard. Sony (NYSE:SNE) exercises power in multiple countries, hence it has the support of multiple countries, whereas the North Korean leader is known for his aggressive stance about political matters and is not usually held in high regard globally.

Sony (NYSE:SNE) has been silent for the past month regarding the hack as it was coping with the damages done. The whole matter would aggravate the strained relationship between Japan and North Korea. And since it’s an American movie, the U.S will also step in to stand side by side with Sony.

It is hoped that the whole matter doesn’t change into a political turmoil and is kept inside the proportions. But, if it is proved that it was indeed carried by the North Korean agencies, then action must be taken because in its simplest form, it is an act of crime and it should be handled in that way. An example should be set so that in the future nobody thinks about carrying out such a heinous action against someone, be it a person or a company.