Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE) Ventures into Wearable Technology Once Again


Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE) took another shot at wearable technology and this time it might have hit the bulls eye. It is Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE)’s third attempt and this time the company has covered all the loopholes that were left undone in the previous attempts. Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE) made a smart watch for the first time in 2010. It was a brave attempt, but there was much to be done, many loopholes to cover. After that came Smartwatch 2 in 2013, which was waterproof design with Android software. It was better than the predecessor but there still was room for improvement. This time, Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE) is giving little room for scrutiny to critics.

Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE) is using Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Android Wear for the smart watch because it is considered a lot more user friendly and convenient than other versions of Androids that have been launched. Android Wear is more efficient, eloquently run and attractive as compared to the previous versions. Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE) believes Android Wear is tailor made for Smartwatch 3.

Smartwatch 3 covers everything that it lacked in its previous versions. The touch and swipe is smooth, the voice commands are prompt and clear. Connection to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is worth commendations. That’s what we have always wanted from a smart watch and Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE) has brought it to our door steps. The Life log tracks user activities and life events.

The design is simple, not up to the Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE) standard but good enough for a smartwatch. The screen/ body can be separated from the band, which is silicon rubber. The feel is comfortable, it’s easy to wear and it’s waterproof too. Dust is easy to clean off so those who were concerned about the rubber being dust prone, that won’t be much of a hassle.

It would be unfair to compare Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE)’s smartwatch with Apple (NASDAQ:APPL)’s iWatch. Both are in a league of their own. Both have their own set of pros and cons. As far as Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE)’s watch is concerned, it will be mid range and will compliment the wearable technology category. Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) Watch is all set to redefine the category and make it more commercial. Both the companies are involuntarily helping each other out; giving each other leverage and filling out the bigger picture: Wearable technology’s popularity on a commercial level.

Smartwatch 3 has a considerably large screen; a 1.6 inch square LCD which is transflective. Ambient light will be enough to light the screen. The battery can run for upto three days, which isn’t bad at all, on the other hand it’s a leverage point against the rivals that are meddled with battery problems.

The smartwatch 3 lacks the high end specifications of Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) Watch but it’s still a gift to the wearable technology category. Many companies have started to work on their own smartwatch projects, following Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE)’s lead. The company hopes for its smartwatch to become as big as smartphones.