SMASHsolar’s $1 million Grant from the US Department of Energy


According to recent news, SMASH solar Inc, the leading innovator in solar energy, has been granted a sum of $1 million in order to help the company launch its new system. The Snap-together Solar Photovoltaic (PV) mounting system or the “SMASH PowerStation”, as per the company’s nickname for it; is expected to hit the market soon.


The company says that the SMASH PowerStation will reduce the home solar system installation time to half and will lessen the technicality needed to set up the system.

The ready-to-install SMASH PowerStation mounting system for solar power will make solar power an attractive, adjustable and affordable choice for homeowners. This system is speculated to have a lot of potential, and that is why the US department of energy has given the company such a huge amount of fund.


This grant is not the first one received by SMASH solar; it is actually the second one which has been given by the department of energy’s SunShot Initiative Incubator Program. According to the recent announcement made by the company, this new grant will be used to make new partnerships, financial backups and new dealings with developers and distributors. The previous grant that the company had received was used for research and development. This little aid from the U.S energy department will evidently, be a source of potential innovative development is this industry.

Troy Tyler, the CEO of the company, said that this partnership is being looked at as a source of newer developments in the field of utilizing solar energy, and also stated that these frameless snap together module systems would surely have a decent demand in the market because of its 2 times faster installation running, reasonable price and you do not need extra skills for proper installation. These factors are likely to make the new service help reduce the costs and enable consumers to install it on their own, without any help from an expert.

The sChief Innovation Officer and co-founder of SMASH solar, Neil Goldberg, stated that SMASH products are designed to be elegant replacements for expensive and complex systems for solar power that are available today. There is quite an untouched market for these easy-to-install, relatively cheap home solar energy systems, and according to a recent report, 62% of the US homeowners , which is more than 30 million US households, want to install a home solar system. However, only around 500,000 units of these solar systems have been installed so far. With this new fund in hand, SMASH solar will create the SMASH PowerStation that will enable consumers to have a choice in how they acquire and use the solar energy systems.

With the use of solar energy to generate various dynamic systems becoming a norm, the company is expected to have a bright future ahead and it, and it will be quite interesting to see if SMASHsolar will succeed in making a market out of this concept, and generate capital that interests other contenders to develop more intricate system for the consumers, globally.