Privacy Policy Statement to be Changed by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has finalized its changes in its privacy policies for users and eliminated the language related to the usage of teens’ content in advertisements.

The updates were proposed back in August; it was advised to focus on simpler guidelines on how Facebook can use names, profile pictures and other related content in advertisements that are online. A sentence was added that required the confirmation that minors who use Facebook have their guardian or parents’ consent for becoming a part of any such promotions.

From advocacy groups of consumers these terms faced adverse reaction whereas Center for Digital Democracy and Electronic Privacy Information Center said that it was alright for Facebook to use these terms to expand its marketing efforts among minors. A letter was sent by advocacy groups to the Federal Trade Commission back in September that said that the updates proposed by Facebook will remove all useful limits on the teens’ data that save it from being misused.

According to the Chief Privacy Officer of Facebook, Erin Egan, the sentence gave no additional rights to Facebook and the feedback revealed the language to be puzzling. Due to these reservations the sentence was finally removed.

In order to keep its user pool of 1 billion active and deal with privacy, Facebook is making efforts to deal with this problem.

Facebook and FTC arrived at an agreement related to complaints back in 2011 according to which Facebook was not successful in defending members’ privacy. Facebook has been banned from coming up with any claims about privacy that are misleading and the company will face free evaluations for practicing under its agreement.

The new policies show these agreements about Facebook’s Sponsored Stories ads that used names of the users and other related data to make ads. The new and updated user policy came into effect yesterday.

These changes were proposed by Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) because these would explain their policies better. However Egan said that according to feedback a few more edits to clarify further are needed.

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)
Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB)