Paul McCartney’s Concert in Virtual Reality Released by Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) backed Jaunt


With all the technology inventions being introduced these days, inventors are still reluctant to tread in to the virtual reality zone as all other technological products are available, but consumers are still waiting for a mind-blowing VR invention.

But it seems like one newly emerging company seems to be steering in the right direction. Jaunt is a small innovative company that specialize in making high end 360 cameras that captures 3D Video and develops the software that connects the camera feed and 3D audio and creating it into an exclusive file that can be played on VR headsets.

Jaunt recently created a bit of ripple in the tech industry by launching their first content of a Paul McCartney concert. Anyone can view the concert that took place in San Francisco’s candlestick park, on their smartphones by downloading a free app and enjoy the VR experience. But the only hiccup is that apart from your smartphone, you will also need a headset for mounting the phone on your head to view the VR. But Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Cardboard, another innovative app Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) launched allows consumers to develop their headsets.

Jens Christensen, the co-founder and CEO of jaunt while talking about the company’s new invention remarked that this will be an enhanced platform for cinematic VR. He stated that the company will go into a partnership to gather further content

Paul McCartney’s concert maybe the Jaunt’s first content but the company has already started its collaborations with other creative professionals to work on some other projects. The company has also started a partnership with New Deal Studios to produce a World War II virtual reality film. But Jaunt won’t stop there as Christensen explained that the company in going to test all different areas in trying to produce VR content for travel, real estate, education, sports and many more

Looking at the history of the company, Jaunt basically emerged as a business in April 2013 and didn’t seem to have any complications in raising capital for its establishment. The company was successful in making $36 million in venture capital and has got very strong investors like Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL). Jaunt has exceptional board of advisor including the likes of Tim Haley, who is and early Netflix investor and RedPoint venture partner. IMAX chairman Brad Wechsler and Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) glass creator Babak Parviz and the current vice president of Amazon.

This concert app basically came in to existence with the help of director Mark Romanek, another advisor on board who was actually the one to introduce the company to Paul McCartney.

Further commenting on the other projects under discussion by the creative heads, Christensen said that Jaunt was planning to create an app hosting non gamming VR content. It will most likely be like a Netflix subscription per month kind of an application, allowing the members who once logon to view and access all the files available. But at the moment the company will focus on individual apps with content distribution as its long term business plan.