Nokia’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) N1 Tablet: the Best of Android and Apple


Any person who does not have a tablet these days is missing out. When the first iPad was launched by Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), it became quite clear that a lot of people would find reasons to use a small computer that has a touchscreen. It cannot be denied that they have become extremely popular with people of all ages. Samsung, Amazon (NASDAQ:AAMZN), and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) have all launched their versions of tablets with fluctuating degrees of diverse purposes.

While Apple has remained the ruler of tablets with every single new generation of iPads, tablets are going to be here for the long haul. This is the first item however from Nokia since it has parted ways with Microsoft. First things first, the Nokia N1 looks strikingly similar to an iPad Mini, almost identical. But it can cannot be called a duplicate because of the fact that Apple does not have exclusive rights to that design but it’s similar to the extent that a person would be befuddled if he were to tell the difference between the two.

The N1 tablet offers the same curved corners and the same metallic completion especially the silver model. The button placement in the tablet is strangely similar to that of the iPad except for the absence of a mute button. But that’s not really a terrible thing in fact; this likeness will influence the previous owners to actually try a non-Apple device on the rounds that they can get pretty much the same thing for a lot less. That being said, since this isn’t an Apple gadget, it wouldn’t have the iOS software.

So this is the best shot for consumers who are looking for an android device that looks just like an Apple device. The N1 has an Android Lollipop 5.0 which is the best version of Android as yet with various kinds of upgrades and changes. Be that as it may, the N1 is much more uncommon than a normal Android tablet as it runs the Z Launcher, which is made by Nokia. The best thing about this launcher is its gestures and intelligence. It is quick to learn what apps you use at what time so it shows you the relevant apps when you require them.

It takes a little while to understand it completely but it is really worth it. The other portion is associated with gestures. Although it is a basic trick it is truly helpful: it gives you the option of drawing the letter of the application you need on the home screen (for example; C for Calendar) and the launcher will instantly bring up all applications that begin with the letter C along with the calendar app. All this is powered by internals that bring shame upon the iPad Mini. All things considered, it’s a pretty sweet deal if you need the best of Android and Apple for just $249.