Nokia Corporation (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) Acquires Nakina Systems To Boost Security


Nokia Corporation (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) has announced the acquisition of Nakina Systems as part of its strategy to improve its security.

Once complete, the acquisition will be geared towards supporting clients who are under intimidation by the upcoming technologies such as the Internet of Things, Cloud services, Software Defined Networks and Big Data. Nokia claims that it will use the acquisition to help clients achieve the legal and regulatory requirements for network security.

The acquired firm, Nakina Systems, is a Canadian Software firm that deals with orchestration and security software for hybrid as well as virtual networks. The two firms expect the terms of the deal to come to a close before the beginning of Q2 this year. Nokia is yet to reveal the financial terms of the deal.

Nokia’s acquisition of Nakina is strategic in the sense that it will boost Nokia’s technology and vendor diagnostic skills thus making it easier for insiders to gain access to vital network assets while at the same time allowing more control and audit security. These features are vital for clients who wish to avoid service interruption and shield their networks from revenue loss, customer service degradation, service level agreement penalties and damage. Some of Nakina’s clients run some of the most demanding networks in the world.

According to Nokia’s president of applications and analytics Bhaskar Gorti, the new acquisition is one of the company’s efforts towards security and privacy enhancement in the company’s networks. He stated that 70% of all the security compromises are caused by privileged insiders. He further added that Nakina will provide the firm with the ability quickly respond to threats targeting the customers.

Nakina’s CEO, Mary O’Neil also released a statement saying that her firm is responsible for bridging the gap between cloud networks and operational realities, especially in high-performance networks.

In some related news, Nokia might be planning to make a comeback into the smartphone industry. The firm, however, stated that it has not yet determined the timeline, but it will not be rushed.