No More Ads, Thanks To Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL)


As the internet advertising trends are on the rise, with many famous names taking advantage of it and adjusting it to their strategies, it may not be what really consumers want to see. It is more of a forceful feed rather than what they would opt for. Even before the internet ads began, ads generally were considered annoying to the general audience. The trend changed from flicking channels to now clicking sites to get the unwanted ads out of the way. But ignoring the audience, companies kept coming up with ways to serve them with commercials. These pop-ups, video commercials, skin ads and content-blocking surveys continue to be a cause of irritation for the audience.

Analyzing the situation, Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has decided to work it to its benefit by giving people the option to visit their favorite sites without any ads. All this at a small fee, but its yet to be determined exactly how much people are annoyed by ads and how willing they are to open their wallets to pay up for free add sites.

A program called Contributor by Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has been launched. Subscribers will pay a small fee between $1 and $3 per month to a handful of sites and in return, these sites provide them with ad-free browsing. A cut of the fee goes to Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL). But now, instead of having to see ads, they will now have to bear a thank you message. So in reality, Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has exaggerated its ads-free policy as the Contributor only acts as an ad blocker or replaces them with their own message, much to user annoyance.

The term contributor was chosen on purpose to support the idea of paying a small fee to eradicate the ad experience from their browsing as well as pay a small amount towards the visited site. Now the question at hand is are users willing to pay the small fee. A reader might be willing to pay for an ad-free site that covers their area of interest, or for an industry site they work for, but will they be willing to pay on casual entertainment sites, like The Onion or Mashable is the big question.

Even though the process of the Contributor is already underway, it is still more of a kernel idea at this point. But its chances of success are pretty high as we have seen in the past, websites like also offer a similar experience for their users. But the Contributor might need more content sites if it plans to attract the mass audience.

These sites now might connect with the Contributor and provide an ad-free or limited ad version of their site for those who paid. While they could clog the others with ads, forcing them to opt for the ad-free version. At this point, the idea might seem small but it has a lot potential in the long run and could be of value not only for Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) but also with the partnering sites and most importantly for the users.