New Website Lets Users Know Of Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) Offerings Across Countries


Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) is battling unblockers and VPNs endeavoring to slash piracy levels. It is similar to plug holes on a bucket filled with water. Plug one hole, the remaining are still leaking. The relevant leak today is termed country-hopping. It’s where customers of Netflix change their region so they can access different Netflix libraries. To assist people on this quest there exist the unofficial global Netflix search engine that will inform users where they should virtually reside to view a specific movie. While Netflix takes action against customers who utilize VPNs to stream videos not accessible within their own nation, the fresh website is helping customers.

The Unofficial Netflix Online Global Search (or uNoGS) lets users search for videos available in the 244 regions with Netflix presence. The catalog is updated every day and gives all relevant information such as IMDb rating, the genre, presence of subtitles and more. The website even suggests VPN providers in nations where the concerned video is not present.

Netflix does not disclose their full catalog. The organization shut its public API many years ago. It is not known whether this unofficial catalog breaks any of Netflix’s terms of service. However a searchable database is an item that Netflix is likely to attempt to shut down as copyright owners pressurize it to take action.

In spite of having recently released in 130 new regions, Netflix is known to put geo-restrictions on its regional catalogs, making a considerable number of its movies and TV series unavailable to people in certain locations. While putting up a VPN connection to countries with bigger local libraries has given access to movies to several Netflix subscribers, pinpointing the region(s) offering the content of choice is not always simple. The uNoGS assists in exactly this. The site directs users to a list of third-party VPN, DNS as well as proxy-providers that will give them access to the TV shows and movies they wish to watch.

Everyone is aware that one of the most irritating things one can face in the virtual world is searching for a particular movie on Netflix and finding it is not available. The uNoGS offers a simple solution for this.