New Visualization Tool for News And Stock Price Brings Hedge Fund Tools to Average Investor

We are currently experimenting with visualizing news data plotted over a timeline and seeing if there’s any correlation with the stock price of the company.

1. 90% of Experienced Hedge Fund Traders on Wall Street are actively using News Visualization Sources to make better informed trading decisions.

2. When you are looking up Apple Inc, for example, it might be interesting to know how activist investors such as Carl Icahn, Patent Lawsuits, China, or even Google affect the company’s stock price over time. You will have a better clue to anticipate future event’s impacts on stock prices.

3. Mouse-over and see specific news articles which mentions the top keywords related to the stock company.

We are building something robust. We plan to integrate this news data into our trading algorithms which we will be releasing to the public on a subscription basis. On testing, we’ve been able to beat the S&P by 11.2%.

If you are interested in a free demo of the news visualization search engine, please sign up below.  We will notify you once it’s ready.

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