Netflix’s, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) Making a Murderer Provokes Questions At TCA


Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) 10 part series (Making a Murderer) has resulted in too many questions from the public as well as the Television Critics Association. Much of these issues are focused towards the filmmaker panel challenging the true-crime documentary. This series, which is focused on Steven Avery – a Wisconsin man who is released from prison 18 years after he was convicted of rape, is later convinced with the murder of Teresa Halbach. This film has received phenomenon view ship, and much debate has cropped up regarding Avery guilt or innocence. Currently, there are about 300,000 online petitions, seeking the pardon for Avery.

Due to the ever-increasing debate, and an online petition for pardon, it has become crucial that the prosecutor of the case gets involved. The prosecutor stated that the documentary had left out significant incriminating information hence the public did not grasp the true picture of what is at stake. Avery ex-fiancée Jodi Stachowski also weighed on the matter and said that Avery is guilty and should be convinced.

Laura Ricciardi, who is the director for this film, stated that the production panel is neither prosecutor nor defense attorney, and they did not set out to prosecute or exonerate anyone. She also stated that it was impossible for every detail and piece of evidence to be included in the film. She said that they took their clues regarding what is the most incriminating evidence from their prosecution. Demos, Avery advocate in the series claimed that Jodi had changed what she was saying when they what and we are filming she is currently saying.

Laura and Demos argued that filmmaker usually doesn’t have a particular point of view. They did not select Avery point of view because of his unique status as being an American, who has to keep up with a system that failed a repeated manner. They were keen on how Avery, who had filed a lawsuit about his wrongful convention, could end up being convicted due to a new crime which could have happened in the past.

The directors also noted that they were expecting some backlash since this was a controversial project. They also stated that the American Criminal Justice System has some serious problems, which it has to resolve.