Moto G by Motorola (NYSE: MSI): The smartphone of the year


For an average smartphone, the most important elements taken into consideration before purchase are price, flexibility and user friendliness. There are only a few brands that offer all three elements. Some might be user friendly but not reasonably priced. Some might be set at affordable prices but perform poorly.

Moto G Second Generation 2014, might just be the perfect smartphone. It may not cater to every user requirement, it is an all-round smartphone that gives customers much more than expected.

According to one of Forbes top writers, Gordon Kelly, Motorola (NYSE: MSI) has addressed malfunctions that were reported last year. The new Moto G offers remarkable display, storage, speaker and camera, as well as good battery life, all at a very reasonable price.

However, there are two limiting factors. First is Moto G 4G inability. Even though 4G isn’t a necessity feature, it is seen as a nice addition. Those addicted to speed might prefer switching to the new Moto X, but for the majority it seems like additional expense.

Second area of concern is its camera. Moto G isn’t focused on advanced imaging features like other high priced smartphones; however, a good camera is fast becoming user requirement. The camera is better than the year 2013 Moto G and has advanced camera features.

The Moto G was voted as Motorola (NYSE: MSI)’s best seller smartphone of the year 2013. Now that the 2014 edition is an improved version, similar expectations are made of it. When Moto G is compared with other expensive, latest smartphones, one can easily conclude that at a much affordable price, Moto G has delivered all necessary features.

Moto G is available at a very affordable $180 for a SIM free retail price. It’s impossible to get a smartphone that offers all features present in the Moto G, at such a reasonable price.

For Moto G, its biggest competitive edge is its 5 inch screen. The IPS screen is of 720p. Usually, pixel density drops slightly on a larger display screen, however; the Moto G display does not fall short of being the perfect screen. Based on current trends, larger display smartphones are more expensive. However, that isn’t the case with Moto G.

In terms of processor, Motorola (NYSE: MSI) runs Snapdragon 400 series processor polished with Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL)’s user interface. Just like other handsets, Motorola (NYSE: MSI) also struggles to introduce new complicated games, otherwise with the in-built applications Moto G is user friendly and the lack of Snapdragon 800 is not noteworthy. The 800 series might offer a better battery life, but the 400 series runs at a slower clock speed; hence the battery lasts for longer periods.

Moto G has been nominated as the handset of the year by analysts. It might not be faster than other smartphone, or have less processing speed when compared with other phones in the market. However, at the price it is expected to cost, it offers much more than what other popular smartphones have to offer.