Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Pro3 Sale Surge


As the retailers gear up for the Black Friday sales, manufacturers and brands busy themselves with launching newer technologies and applications that will add to the ever growing anticipation.Microsoft (NASQAQ:MSFT) seems to have joined ranks of these brands as well.

The official sales for the current quarters have not been released, but according to of the record sources, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s latest Pro3 is being termed as a solid success. Even though Apple (NASDAQ:APPL)’s iPad seems to lead the charts in terms of sales and fame, according to the Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s CEO, the top contenders can only be decided on the basis of long term sales.

Even though, the Surface Pro3 tablet has been launched in three countries; US, Canada and Japan, it hasn’t taken long to see that the tablet has gone on to become a success. The tablet is being distributed globally now, however, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has made a traditional mistake of not shipping enough units to meet the pre order requests.

According to the Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) product head, the iPad units were shipped out based on the interest the product was subjected to, in its U.S launch. As per the international retailer demands, the ordered figures seemed plenty at that time. However, in view if the huge volume of units being sold in the international market, it seems the shipped units fell short of consumer demands.

The issue has been seen to. The huge sales generated by the latest launch on global grounds is evident in their sales figures for the current quarter. The sales of Surface Pro 3 have doubled in the current quarter, when compared with the previous year’s $908 million. The Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) are quick to reveal that the Pro3 sales are in no way near to the remarkable iPad sales, which totaled up to 12.3 million units sold in the previous quarter.But looking at the bigger picture, the sales may look impressive as a standalone figure, however, this is a consecutive decline since the previous three quarters.

Analysts see the device to generate exceptional sales as it resides as the only participant in a market of its own, and will not have any competitors for the current quarter,it can expect to do exceedingly well.

What gives an edge to the Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Surface Pro is the fact that it can replace a laptop. This sets a defined demarcation from other devices. According to the surfacing rumors, Apple (NASDAQ:APPL) is working on development of its own tablet to matchup with the Surface Pro3, coined iPad Pro.

The Pro 3 went on to lose $1.7 billion when it was launched in 2012, however, the last quarter figures affirmed the fact that Pro3 is the new profit yielding feather in Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s illustrious cap.

One drawback, that doesn’t seem to be holding back the sales of the device are its $799 price, in addition to accessories that add up on top of that. However, the Black Friday sales will knock $150 off the base price.