Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) Corporation’s Joint Venture With Nokia


Headquartered in Redmond, a multinational that researches, develops, licenses and manufactures software, personal computers, and consumer electronics, Microsoft announced a joint venture with the multinational Nokia last year in 2013 and bought Nokia’s mobile units for $7 billion. Both companies have been making huge revenues on this joint venture. But recently snap shots of Microsoft Lumia 535 which is yet to be announced have started circling all over the news and social media.

The leaked pictures show three different Microsoft branded devices but Microsoft Lumia 535 however has already been ousted. The two others could possibly be the 725 and a new phablet.  The Microsoft Lumia 535 is scheduled to be released next week on Nov 11. However it’s not just the Microsoft lumia 535 as some attentive readers have also spotted a blurry image next to it which could be the unseen, yet to be released lumia phablet.

The size comparisons of lumia 535 and lumia 1520 seen in the picture suggest that it should have a 6 inch screen. Some analysts have already predicted that it’s possible that both these devices would be released on the same date. The Microsoft Lumia leaked in pictures has a 5 inch screen and a snap dragon 200 chipset, the shots were released in great detail. The leaked photos of the Microsoft smart phone Lumia 535 made its first appearance on the Chinese social network Baidu.

Till now no signs of Nokia branding has been spotted on any of the leaked pictures of the phone which gives indications that this could be Microsoft’s first non-Nokia phone. The incident took place just days after Microsoft officially announced to launch a new Lumia device on November the 11th. Microsoft fans and costumers were hoping to see a big flagship product but insiders from the Company revealed that Microsoft Lumia 535 is probably just a budget phone and a successor to the Lumia530 launched this year in late July.

It is predicted that Lumia 535 will have a 5.0 inch qHD 960x540p display and will run on the latest OS of windows phone. It will have a central processing unit of 1.2 Ghz snapdragon, with 1GB RAM and 8 GB built in memory expandable via micro SD card slot. The camera is said to be 5.0 mega pixel and the front cam is said to be 0.3 mega pixel VGA. The phone has a battery of 1900 mah, and addons of 3G, WIFI, Bluetooth, and other standard sensors.

Many people believe that the phone may turn out to be a ‘selfie’ centric cell phone. Lumia 1020 built by Nokia already had a 41.0 mega pixel camera, which Microsoft now plans to take forward, by introducing the flagship ‘selfie’ camera phone. The phone is also said to have a different speaker port placement. Rumors are also circling about a Chinese oriented Lumia 535 which is its variance with single and dual sim versions. The leaked photos also show that it’s the first Lumia phone to come out in the color blue.