Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Takes The Lead In The ANZ Cloud Email Market


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has been rated as the market leader in the cloud email market for Australian and New Zealand public companies.

According to Gartner, the company has been receiving higher than anticipated adoption rates in the two countries especially with a preference for Office 365. Microsoft has also overtaken Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG). There has been less preference for apps for work from Google. Despite lower number, Google’s usage is relatively higher in Asia. According to Gartner, analysts analyzed email data collected from almost 40,000 firms worldwide.

Gartner stated that 8.5% of these public companies use Microsoft Office 365, 13% use cloud-based email services, and 4.7% prefer Google Apps for work. The remaining 87% use other cloud services such as Hosted, on-premises, hybrid or private cloud email operated by smaller vendors.

Microsoft takes the lead over most of the industries especially those that are under regulation such as the energy industry, aerospace, and the utility industry. Gartner also reported that Google takes point especially in the industry segments that are characterized by fewer regulations and more competition. Good examples of these segments include consumer advertising, education, media, retail, travel, and a few others.

Gartner’s research vice president Nikos Drakos feels that the cloud email market is still in its early stages. He also mentioned that Microsoft and Google have already established firm foundations in different enterprises and industries. Drakos stated that firms planning to adopt cloud email should assume that cloud email is not appropriate in the industry, size or region.

Drakos also reported that his firm’s findings indicate that many different organizations have adopted cloud email and that the number is rapidly escalating. The research firm also stated that cloud email is spreading to more industries and firms of different sizes. The level of use is often directly proportional to the increase in revenue. Therefore, companies with higher revenues register higher use.

Gartner’s research findings also suggest that Google is more popular with smaller firms especially those that earn less than $50 million in revenue. Google offers two pricing tiers with the lowest price at $5 while Microsoft offers six pricing tiers with the lowest price at $6 per month.