Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) HoloLens Battery To Only Last For 5.5 Hours


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) HoloLens will only last for five and a half hours during regular use but on intensive use, it will drop to about 2.5 hours. HoloLens battery supports Bluetooth and WI-FI connection, and these are the probable reasons for low battery life. This battery life has sparked debates, with some claiming that it is more than what they hoped for while others claim that it is still low. Most people are expected to use HoloLens in dedicated sessions during certain task and need rather than wearing it all day. The only worst part about this is that the battery might die at a critical moment forcing one to wait. According to Bruce Harris, who is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist, there is a still hope for an improved battery life since HoloLens is still in the Very Early stage.

HoloLens is an improvement from Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) GoogleGlass, which was characterized by poor battery life and less functionality. These glasses had the ability to last about half an hour when one are shooting a video and about three hours for general active use. HoloLens is also a step ahead of its rival Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:OCLS) Rift, Sony Corp (ADR)(NYSE:SNE) VR and HTC Corp Vive since it can overlay hologram into the wearer’s real life environment. This allows the wearer to battle aliens and robots while inside their living room.

Harris also went ahead to detail other specs that Microsoft had refused to state. According to him, using HoloLens is similar to looking at a 15-inch monitor, which is about two feet from ones view. One particularly interesting feature is the ability to link different HoloLens devices together. Two or more HoloLens user are in a position of viewing the same object in real-time. This is possible because of the headset’s internet connectivity. It is also featured with other applications including the ability to create ones holograms in the company’s HoloStudion and 3D print the result

Harris also noted that HoloLens might be only used by Windows computer though it can connect using Bluetooth or WI-FI to any supporting device. Microsoft has not yet commented on the pricing of the consumer version of HoloLens though a developer’s version will cost $3,000.