McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) New Slogan


McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) new advertisement appears to have created some problems for the multinational giant, as it was about to launch its new slogan that is Lovin’ beats hatin’. McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) has officially denied the report and is planning to change this advertisement following the criticism and technical mistakes. However it seems to be a little true as well.  McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) filing for trademarks of both slogans, Lovin’>Hatin’ and Lovin’ is greater than Hatin’ was notified on burger business website.

According to an unnamed source’s report from the wallstreet journal, the multinational giant was just months away from launching its new ad with the slogan lovin’ beats hatin’ joining its previous slogan I m lovin it. The report also said that McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) is now trying to improve its decreasing goodwill by spreading love and happiness, following hatred and criticism over the internet. The World’s greatest food chain multinational restaurant with sales exceeding $90 billion is greatly worried, because of the international campaigns being run against it declaring its food unhygienic and unhealthy. The Russian and Chinese branches of McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) are affected the most. This also led to the increasing follow ups of the website which is famous for its humorous criticism.
The director of McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) media relations said in an email that its slogan Lovin’ beats Hatin’ isn’t new and it is incorrect as well.  According to her there were no plans of using the slogan, not even informally on any social media website. She added that the phrase wasn’t even analyzed at all. She said that the company is not willing to make decisions based on incomplete analysis.
The focus of company’s marketing campaign is now entirely shifting towards improving its good will. They intend to do this by providing healthier menu options, designing corporate social responsibility framework and inititating online open ended questionnaire methods to get the costumers feedback about its food and services. Remodeling of stores, induction of technological devices like ordering through tablets and customization are also a part of its improvement campaign.
Even though McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) still has millions of costumers Worldwide which visit its 35000 stores everyday but the anti McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) campaigns are pretty much successful in halting and in some places decreasing its sales. As a result its shares are going flat. Tony wright the CEO of Plano suggests a strategy as a remedy to McDonald’s declining sales, to also shift the focus of their target market on the millennial which are getting more and more health conscious every day. He believes that social media has made every one more aware including the millennial which want the social corporate brands to take a stand for them and provide them. He further suggests that improving supply chain and adopting cause marketing are vital for McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) declining reputation. Even with a big focus group there are a lot of details which are yet to be dug out.