McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) New Burgers


This week, McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) UK has introduced its ‘crowd-sourced’ burgers which will go on sale in over 1200 stores across the country. These burgers were part of the ‘My Burger Campaign’ which was launched nationwide in May and gave liberty to the general public to suggest their ideas for burgers that they would want to see in the McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) menu.

Earlier this year, people were asked online to create their own special burgers, using family recipes or randomly putting together something which clicked their fancy. They could choose from 80 different ingredients and an image was created of what the burger would look like, if made in real life. Some were wholesome tasty looking burgers others just got a laugh from you.

People were asked to vote online for their favourite burgers based on whether they looked appetizing or how unconventional and creative they were. Phil Vickery and Mark Hawthorne who is managing director of McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) UK were among the panel of judges who chose these five winning burgers from the top eleven burgers in the UK.

Mcdonald’s (NYSE:MCD) has now chosen its five winners whose burgers will be sold in stores. Each week, for five weeks, a new burger will be sold in the stores across the country. The first burger went on sale today and the second chosen burger will come out on October 22nd. The first burger to be sold is the Big Uno which is created by Tammy Rose.

The rest of the recipes are ‘The Sweet Chilli Fiesta’, ‘The Ultimate Supreme’, ‘The Big Spicy Bacon’ and ‘The McPizza Pepperoni Burger’. Alastair Macrow, who is the Senior Vice President of McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) said that this was the first occasion on which the consumers were provided with a one of a kind opportunity to create their own burgers.

The company was overwhelmed by the reaction of the public and Alastair also said that the chosen burgers were fabulous and tasted delicious and that he was hopeful that the public would appreciate them as well. The sale of these winning burgers will be on till November 18th. With the consumers losing their trust in McDonalds (NYSE:MCD), some believe this is a great idea to engage them.

However, some critics are arguing if this is really what consumers want from McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD). Serving free coffee and starting an online competition wouldn’t really make the consumers start trusting McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) again. With the Japanese division reporting losses for the first time in 11 years, one wonders why McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) is concentrating its efforts in the UK.

McDonalds would be reporting its revenue on the 21st of October and investors are waiting in anticipation as to how bad the numbers would be because after the supplier scandal which broke out in China, it has been a downhill journey for McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) with the fast food giant losing its edge over the breakfast menu which was its forte. High quality restaurants are now attracting the customers who previously ate at McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD).