McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) battling bad reputation and health concerns


McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) is in dire need of turning around the image of their brand. McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) have started to lose its grip on its customers, especially in the U.S as they are complaining about the food being unhealthy; some of them even dubbed the taste as ‘synthetic’. McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) is losing its charm against the fast-casual restaurant world, which offers people trustworthy food.

McDonald’s Corporation (NYSE:MCD) hired Grant Imahara, the former host of the popular show Mythbusters, as part of their new social media campaign. So far it seems that social imagine isn’t the only problem McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) has. The last social media mascot McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) hired was rebuffed and mocked by the audiences. The results were nasty- consistent decline in same store sales for multiple months.

McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) probably can’t see where the problem lies. They are still relying on their old ideology of inexpensive food and incentives. They must understand that unless they install trust into the psyche of their customers the situation will not change.

Observing the 3rd quarter result of fast food chains, there has been a considerable decline in the number of people visiting fast food joints. 13 percent people consider their food ‘cheap’, while many have dubbed it as ‘dollar food’. It should be noted that McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) brought the dollar menu concept, to boost sales and gain new customers. That idea, however, has grown redundant.

That’s not just it. McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD)’ whole theory about how to cater to its customers has grown old. Instead of earning the trust and goodwill of its customers, McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) keeps bringing new offers, inexpensive menus with incentives etc to lure customers. Does it ever strike them that why would anyone step into their restaurant if their food has a bad public image?

McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) took a step to interact with consumers online and answer their queries. While most of the queries were from people who questioned the ingredients of the products, some of them showed signs of anger. It showed the skepticism in the hearts of the general public regarding McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD).

Expecting mothers have stopped visiting McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD), citing health reasons. So what can McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) do to gain the trust of the public again? Well, for starters it must come out with a campaign that addresses all these issues: trust, personal service, emotional bond with the customer. McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) isn’t showing any signs of maturity when it comes to advertising. Recruiting celebrities to deliver a promising statement won’t do them any good. Perhaps they should put a doctor on the screen to vouch for them.

Relying on queries and social media campaigns is a trend of a bygone era. Health related issues must be confronted straight away and boldly. If McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) is confident that the food it is providing is healthy, then they should get someone relevant to the health sector to vouch for them. Only then can McDonald’s (NYSE:MCD) regain their previous status.