Macy’s Inc. (NYSE:M) to Use Facebook’s (NASDAQ:FB) Video Feed for Advertisment


Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has now become a very popular source of advertising and through it investors can reach a far greater number of people than the traditional advertisement techniques. One such example is of Macy’s (NYSE:M). The company will be using video feed being offered by Facebook for the advertisement of their products. The company used to run a series of television ads before the holiday shopping season in winter however, this time wishes to use Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) instead and post their video ads on this social networking giant.


Moreover, the company also hosts a parade for advertisement right before the holiday season, which is telecasted across the country. Macy’s (NYSE:M) is not the first company to do this. There is a long list of companies who have started posting their video advertisements on Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). In fact, the result obtained through the advertisement is also amazing and the companies are now able display cast their products over a wide range of products.


Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is also planning to give its services for the sole purpose of advertisements and attract more and more investors. Macy’s (NYSE:M) vice president for multicultural marketing and digital media, Jennifer Kasper said that the company is very positive about their latest product; Black Friday and wants to analyze the growth of their product and look for the best possible ways to propagate their product in mass audiences.


Moreover, VP Kasper also added that the Thanksgiving will accompany Macy’s (NYSE:M) Super Bowl Sunday and the company will stick to tradition like always and will feature marching bands with giant balloons and floats. The parade will be a definite way of attracting millions of television spectators across the country and thousands of live audience at mid town Manhattan. The advertisement parade will target women aged around 21 years or more.


The parade will feature the cartoon character of SpongeBob Square Pants. The company will also broadcast their ads on Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) along with the national television. The ads will be broadcasted this Sunday. However, Macy’s (NYSE:M) did not give us any hint on the amount spent on these Facebook video ads but reports suggest that the budget for Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) video ads is way higher than the Black Friday budget.


The company’s vice president is quite sure about the success of these Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) video ads and hopes to capture a very large audience. She is also of the view that people now do not watch TV or TV commercials and spend a much greater amount of time on the internet or in particular Facebook (NASDAQ:FB). Moreover, several other companies like Kate Spade New York are also using Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) to broadcast their ads.


In fact Kate Spade was successful in reaching an audience of more than 6.5 billion as there is a prominent rise in Facebook video ads. Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is now emerging as a fierce competitor to Google’s YouTube and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) is quite sure to keep with this pace and surge ahead even.