Keith Block Named As The New COO Of, inc. (NYSE:CRM)

310, inc. (NYSE:CRM) has appointed Keith Block as the firm’s new Chief Operating Officer.

The new appointment adds on to Mr. Block’s portfolio of titles in the company including his roles as Vice Chairman and President of the cloud software company. Block acquired the two positions in 2013 when he joined Salesforce after leaving his former post at Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) where he worked as an executive. He has been working under the leadership of CEO, Marc Benioff for two years.

Block fills the COO position, which became available after its former occupant George Hu left to pursue his new startup called Peer. The new post adds to Block’s responsibilities, makes it evident that he is a valuable asset to Salesforce. He has also built himself a good reputation at Salesforce due to his emphasis on better customer relations.

Mr. Benioff stated that he looks forward to working with Block towards the company’s operations primarily how the company relates to its clients. This is also in line with the firm’s objective to achieve $10 billion revenue mark at a faster rate than its rivals in the enterprise software industry.

During one of the firm’s recent press conferences, Benioff stated that the firm will be able to line up company’s operations, with customer services efficiently with Block’s expertise at the new position. Block will also continue to oversee his other tasks including industry strategy, channels, alliances, customer channels and global sales. All those tasks might seem like a handful for one person, but Block has proven his capability during the time he has been holding leadership positions in both Salesforce and Oracle.

Block also has other formal activities outside the confines of Salesforce. He is a board member of the Board of Trustees at Concord Museum and the Board of Trustees of Carnegie Mellon University. He is also involved in an education program called Boston Partners in Education that helps out students in Boston schools.