Jon Howard to Join JP Morgan (NYSE:JP)


JP Morgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JP) is a well-known American multinational banking and financial services company. It is the largest of its kind in entire United States, with its assets up to $2.515 trillion. They operate in over 60 countries. Their clients include millions of consumers, small businesses and many high class corporate, institutional and government clients. They are known as leaders in investment banking, providing financial services for consumers, small businesses as well as commercial banking, financial transaction processing, asset management and private equity.

The latest for JP Morgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JP) comes in the form of the Australia’s former Prime Minister John Howard. Jon Howard announced his plans for the near future at a press conference. He told the press that soon he will become a part of JP Morgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JP)’s International council. He will play a vital role in advising the company on its business decisions.

Howard is among the nation’s longest serving Prime Minister. He served as Australia’s Prime Minister from March 1996 to December 2007. According to the chairman and chief executive of JP Morgan and Chase & Co (NYSE:JP), Jamie Dimon, the bank is extremely happy with Mr. Howard’s decision to join them. A man of such caliber will be profitable for the JP Morgan (NYSE:JP) International Council. Mr. Howard brings with him his intensive understanding of Australia’s economic and business landscape along with hands on experience within the domestic and international political stance. JP Morgan (NYSE:JP), at this stage refused to comment on remuneration that Mr. Howard will receive from the company, but JP Morgan (NYSE:JP) has over $2.8 trillion in assets.

The International Council came into being back in the 1965, with the aim of understanding global trends, as well as to contribute to its international business. Right now, the advisory group is head by the former head of state, ex British PM Tony Blair. Other notable figures on the council include former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, China Investment Corporation’s Gao Xi Qing as well as India’s Tata group’s Ratan Naval Tata.  Mr. Howard’s addition to this line of professionals will only prove fruitful for the company.  JP Morgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JP) normally takes their pick on the Council members carefully and with a lot of thought put into it. Howard comes with many credentials under his name. He wasn’t only the second longest prime minister for Australia, but was also a member of the House of Representatives, served as a treasurer in the Fraser government, leader of the liberal party and coalition opposition. He was also re-elected as leader of the opposition. In his years as a Prime Minister, his government tackled issues of taxation, industrial relations, immigration, Iraq war and Aboriginal relations.

Mr. Howard looks forward to contributing to the advisory group’s international Council and be part of dialogue based on Australia’s business and economic agenda. The team at JP Morgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JP) is equally thrilled to have the ex-prime minister join their ranks.