Jeff Huber Departs From Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google To Take Up A Role At A Cancer Detecting Set Up


The well-known technological giant Google is set to suffer a blow of losing one of its veteran executives, Jeff Huber, who is taking up a full-time leadership role at Grail. Hubber who has been named as San Francisco-based Grail‘s CEO will now be in charge of a company Illumina, a start-up that’s mounting a blood test to identify cancers in their most primitive stages.

In response to his new appointment, Hubber stated that his 13 years of experience with Google have placed him at a level from where he can consciously take up on analytics and look into specific data. In his further explanation, Huber argued that a change is as good as a rest, and it is within his 10-year anniversary that he decided to take a different reassessment of his life course.

The decision which he described as personal may have been instigated by the passing away of his wife Laura Pool Huber, who fought an exceedingly brave battle with her cancer before losing out on Nov. 10, 2015. The cancer was detected so late (at stage 4) and Huber feels that if Grail existed then, probably his wife would still be alive since cancer would have been detected in its infancy.

Grail’s mission and which Huber will steer is to save millions of lives through early detection of disease. This will lead to sequencing blood samples to find cell-free DNA and RNA. Well, Grail is not only looking into early cancer detection, but it is also diverging into determining how and where cancer originated after the screening, how aggressive it is, and the available but most effective treatments options.

In its series A of financing, Grail received more than $100 million. Other key stakeholders include Bill Gates,, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN)’s founder Jeff Bezos, ARCH Venture Partners and Sutter Hill Ventures. There are many people and their loved ones who will benefit from Grail the moment it operations take shape. And after all, technology is rapidly changing but will only be beneficial to those who embrace it.

Apparently, Huber is three weeks away into officially taking office as CEO, but he is already so enthusiastic and projective of the availability of the new technology by around 2020.