Is Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) Now serious About Online Harassment?


Meanwhile the gender based online discrimination has now reached its impact level. According to a study 25% of online women have been sexually harassed and 26% have experienced stalking. Women all over are being severely targeted for online abuse. That is why WAM has decided to run a pilot program to support all Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) users facing gendered based harassment. Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) has finally decided to make a deal to do something about online harassment problem that can be considered one of its most serious efforts.

To date Twitter (NYSE:TWTR)’s response to online harassment has always been abysmal and has been often criticized for not taking any steps to prevent users being stalked or harassed, especially women. Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) has always refused to take any action or accept any reports against the offenders given that the harassment takes place right there in the open. Leader video game developer Briann Wu also faced a number of serious harassment assaults which made her flee her Bsoton home in October. She was sent death threats related to gamergate.

After some high profile incidents this summer Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) has finally promised to take some strong actions against this harassment issue and evaluate its safety policy issue but still it hasn’t taken much of an action till now. Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) has setup a partnership effort with WAM in which WAM reports Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) against every possible harassment issue.  WAM will track Twitter (NYSE:TWTR)’s responses and will analyze its performance at the end of the project.

This analyzed data will help Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) to make its response better. The special form created by WAM with comprehensive questions to report abuse which includes ability to report harassment based on race or sexual orientation as well as enabling users to report bad behavior on someone else’s behalf.
At the end of the program WAM will take a good look at the data that will help Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) to better understand how and why the gender harassments on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) take place and how well can Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) respond to it.

While no other party has agreed to partner with Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) on this matter, the third party applications have started to show up which exist to help people block and manage the harassers better than Twitter (NYSE:TWTR). and blockbot are two tools which are used for this purpose. Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) is a multinational global social network with an annual revenue of more than $664 million back in 2003.

It has 3300 employees and is a multilingual social network with 271 million active users worldwide. It was founded in March 21 2006 and is headquartered in San Francisco California.