Is Ford (NYSE:F) Facing a DownFall?


Ford (NYSE:F) Motor Company is a trusted name in the automobile industry. Ford (NYSE:F) is an American multinational automaker. It sells automobiles and commercial cars under the Ford (NYSE:F) label and a product line of luxury cars, under the Lincoln label. Ford (NYSE:F) has had its share in the production of tractors and automotive components. It also owns the Brazilian SUV manufacturer, Troller, as well as Australian car manufacturer FPV. Ford (NYSE:F)  enjoys the luxury of having shares in some of the top names in the car business like Mazda, Aston Martin and Jiangling, along with a few joint ventures to its name in China, Thailand, Turkey and Russia.

All this makes Ford (NYSE:F) one of the most important names in the car business and hence a target to continues criticism and competition on regular basis. Ford (NYSE:F) plans to significantly increase its profits between now and 2020 significantly. A lot of it depends on it’s per unit sale of vehicles and lately Ford (NYSE:F) has seen a decline in the sales of its F-series. In September this year, Ford (NYSE:F) sold 179,518 vehicles in total, out of which 59,863 were F-series sales. It has been noted that the F-series is losing its battle against competitors like Chevy Silverado from General Motors Co (NYSE : GM) and Chrysler’s Dodge Ram.

The latest figures of September 2014 with respect to last year sales reveal that sales of F-series are down by 1 percent, however, it still stands number one in terms of sales of cars and light trucks. At second position is the Silverado, which sold 50,176 units in September. The sales increased by 54.4%. Dodge Ram is in the third place, with 36,612 sold units which make it 30.1% higher than where it stood in September 2013.

Statistics show that the F-series declined in sales by 0.4%, selling 557,037 units, whereas Silverado sales went up by 5.9% to 382,153 in the same time period. But Ram produced the most remarkable result with sales increase of 21% resulting in 319,868 unit sales.

In response to its falling numbers, Ford (NYSE:F) came up with a new version of the Ford (NYSE:F) pickup, the F-150. Its selling points include military-grade aluminium alloy and high strength steel. With such tools, optimists believe Ford (NYSE:F) sales will rise dramatically.

But considering the competitive market, this might not be enough, as Silverado and Ram are considered “tough” brands to compete against. Silverado’s Chevy has discount offers with the Crew Can LT All-Star, with rounding incentive of $8,500. GM has set an image for itself that attracts customers towards its pickups. Ram on the other hand is making its promotion by representing its pickup as “Motor Trend Truck of the Year for 2014”. But it knows this wouldn’t be enough to lure customers hence along comes incentives, such as 0% APR plan and no monthly payment for a span of 90 days.

With Ford (NYSE:F)’s F-150 launch, fierce competition is expected from several major automobile brands.